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Wholesale Partnership with Cayman Sauce

At Cayman Sauce, we take pride in being a high-volume distributor of wholesale hot sauce. These are Yeah Man products. Orders will have product labels with “Yeah Man from Cayman Islands”.

Our strength lies in maintaining a substantial inventory, enabling us to order in large volumes directly from manufacturers and secure the best possible prices. This commitment allows us to extend exceptionally competitive wholesale pricing to your store, whether it’s a cozy corner sideline or a dedicated hot sauce emporium.

Standard or Drop-Ship? You Decide.

Cayman Sauce offers the flexibility of standard wholesale for brick-and-mortar stores and the convenience of drop-shipping for phone and web orders. We routinely handle daily drop-ship orders for our valued resellers. Minimum orders for dropshipping are 1 case (some items may be 12 bottles per case, or 24 bottles per case).

Please reach out to us in advance to discuss the unique considerations associated with drop-shipping wholesale hot sauce orders.

No Minimum Order Requirement for Genuine Resellers

While we don’t impose a minimum order requirement, we diligently strive to reserve our wholesale pricing for genuine resellers. To support this endeavor, kindly complete our Wholesale Application below. We typically respond to applications within 24 hours. If you’re considering a high-volume purchase and your intent is not resale, you may still qualify for wholesale pricing when your order surpasses $500. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for further details.



* The minimum order is one case (no mixed items)
* All ingredients and bar codes are also added to labels.
* We need 2-3 weeks to pre-order before delivery
* Wholesale and private labels are shipped from the USA
* We ship worldwide

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