Kingston-Miami Trading Co., founded in 1982, is proudly 100% Jamaican Owned and Operated, introducing the JCS (Jamaican Country Style Brand). Pioneering for 30 years, they bring authentic Caribbean foods like JCS Boston Jerk Seasoning and JCS Ginger Beer Soda. Committed to showcasing Caribbean cuisine, they emphasize quality, variety, and authenticity. As a leader in Caribbean Specialty Foods, Kingston-Miami Trading Co. remains dedicated to providing innovative products and reliable service.
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Cayman Sauce


Cayman Sauce serves the Cayman Islands with original Cayman taste. We provide One of kind Steak, Wing, BBQ & Hot Sauces, Salsas & Seasonings for the Cayman Islands. We welcome wholesale inquiries or sample requests for Restaurants, Kitchens, Food Trucks, Bars, Grocery Stores, and Gas Stations. We ship worldwide!






+1(345) 922-6067


Location: #92 Georgetown, Grand Cayman, KY1-1209

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