Cuban Coffee Cubita Molido Ground (460g)


Embark on an extraordinary coffee journey from the lush green slopes of Cuba. Molido Natural, a very dark roasted coffee with a medium-fine grind, is meticulously roasted, ground, and vacuum-packed to preserve its rich flavors. Ideal for Moka pot brewing, this coffee offers a unique taste experience.

TASTE: Crafted exclusively from the finest Arabica beans cultivated in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, Cubita Cuban Coffee boasts strong earthy tones, a hint of smokiness, and a caramel finish. Recognized as the most popular coffee brand in Cuba.


Origin: Cuba
Roast: Dark
Weight: Available in 230g and 460g
Format: Roasted & Ground Coffee Beans
Bean Type: 100% Arabica
Ethics: Ethically sourced from farms committed to natural cultivation methods

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Weight 1.01 lbs
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